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Elegant wedding dress "Verbena"
A dress n rhythm of a new collection, each part of which is absolutely new and unique.
The top of the dress is closed and a little bit strict: over the white satin matt is a tulle, translucent mesh, embroidered with small, neat flowers that resemble polka dots from a distance. The throat part is straight, a boat, but it is diluted by a translucent tulle that covers the shoulders and arms, representing a 3/4 sleeve, with a neat curly edge that complements our peas.
The back is a unique solution. The basis of it – is a specially cut satin fabric, which leaves the back almost open. Like the shoulders, the back is covered with tulle, sprinkled with flowers, while the atlas draws the border between the sleeves and the deep V-neck.
The skirt is represented by layers of satin and delicious soft pink chiffon, the color of which is found exclusively in this dress. This shade of pink will create a great mood for the bride and can set the tone and atmosphere for the whole wedding. The gentle and discreet shade of pink will be in harmony with any suit of the groom, and also will be remembered by all participants of the celebration.
It safe to say that Verbena dress is fabulous. Like a beautiful princess came out into the enchanted forest and sings a song with the birds.
Lining - stretch satin
Top - Lace
Skirt - 2 skirts from stretch atlas, upper skirt made from chiffon
Price: 350 $
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