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Wedding dress «Spring sky»
One of the most memorable dresses of the collection combines a rare lace and an airy skirt of a light sky-blue color.
The top of the dress is unique, made of white lace with a large floral pattern. Spring sky – is the only dress with such top. In front, the top is decorated with a shallow neckline, which covers the petals of the lace. Sleeves ¾ are slightly dense, since the pattern of the lace is large and opaque. Such style and fabric allows you to feel cozy, even if the warm weather will prepare a surprise.
Cut of the top, grooves and neckline delicately emphasize the beautiful shape of the woman’s figure.
The back is completely closed, the accent is created exclusively by our unique lace.
The dress fastens on the side zipper, immediately fits the figure, while creating an image of a beautiful swan flying toward the spring dawn.
The skirt of this dress will also win your attention. It is moderately lush, light, airy, tender blue, which slightly shimmers when moving. A stunning effect is created thanks to the lightest color chiffon, thrown over a snow-white satin skirt, neatly collected in small waves and conveying all the beauty and texture of the atlas.
When creating our dresses we use quality fabrics, which even in itself creates a beautiful work of design art.
Lining - stretch satin
Top - Lace
Skirt - 2 skirts from stretch atlas, upper skirt made from blue tulle.
Price: 400 $
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