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Wedding dress "Lace patterns"
Original dress. Classic, with some particularly catchy accents.
We should start the description with the most interesting detail of the dress - the lace neck of asymmetrical shape. The light lace with which the top of the dress is embroidered is especially prominent due to the shallow V-shaped neckline, and also in the form of small neat sleeves. The style of the dress emphasizes the figure, and the lace patterns give the dress an incredible charm.
Lightweight, weightless lace creates a "back" with a wide and deep neckline, with a pearl clasp, gently adheres to the skin and covers the shoulders.
The lacy top gradually turns into a two-layer skirt made of satin and a light tulle that betrays a small gorgeous gown. The width of the air skirt provides complete freedom of movement and dance, and the length of the skirt is measured taking into account the presence or absence of the bride's heels.
This model is finished with a soft matt milky-colored belt in the tone of the dress.
The wedding dress Lacy patterns thanks to its elegant details makes the image of the bride stylish and at the same time festive and elegant.
Accurate curls or just slightly curly hair will perfectly blend in with this designer dress.
Lining - stretch satin
Top - Lace
Skirt - 2 skirts from stretch atlas, upper skirt made from tulle.
Price: 370 $
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