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Wedding dress "Miracle"
The name of the dress speaks for itself. Wonderful, magical, harmonious dress.
Laconic upper part, with a clear triangular neckline, of satin, covered with the most delicate French chantilly lace. On the contour of the geometric notch are delicate "petals" of lace. The sleeves are exclusively made of lace and translucent.
The back is also geometric, translucent, with thin contour stitches. Similar petals "fit" the back, emphasizing the fragility and femininity of the owner of this dress.
The top and bottom part are separated by an ivory satin ribbon, in the tone of the skirt, which is made of pleasant satin and flowing chiffon. The skirt allows you to "play" with it in the camera and beautifully swirl in the dance. The skirt is fastened to a small zipper, which is the only clasp of the dress. There will be no difficulty in putting on and discomfort when wearing. Like all the dresses of the "Bridal Garden" studio, the wedding dress "Miracle" is light, comfortable and attracts look.
It's really a miracle to be a beautiful bride in such a wonderful dress. This model will decorate the figure of the girl, emphasize the waist and chest, creating the image of a real spring enchantress
Lining - stretch satin
Skirt - chiffon
Top - lace
Price: 350 $
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