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Dusty rose
Pinkish floating dress with a very special skirt that catches your eye immediatel
Price: 370 $
Simple lacteous dress made of a combination of lace and shifon.
Price: 360 $
Pure pearl
Classic wedding dress of milk white colour will give you the feeling of being a treasure.
Price: 320 $
Smile of princess
White non-corser dress with short sleeves will emphasise you being a princess.
Price: 28 000 $
Amazing dress is able to bring into life the dream of any girl.
Price: 480 $
Blossom cherry
Neat dress with a simply wonderful, partially tansparent V-back, caught with a belt.
Price: 340 $
Stunning dress with the most thrilling back you have ever seen.
Price: 380 $.
Floating shiffon dress of a soft white off colour draws your attention to te bright accent on the front of the top.
Price: 370 $.
Lace flowers
Soft ivory short-sleeves dress with a gentle V-front.
Price: 470 $
Very modest and elegance dress made from 2 types of chiffon. Main dress maid from chiffon which can hold the shape, swing and train made from silky chiffon.
Price: 330 $
Star dust
Greyish dress with shiny embroidered flowers at the top part and belt enables you to find yourself in the fairy tale.
Price: 400 $
Favourite flowers
Classic chiffon top from the front unexpectadly turns into four crossed stripes at the back creating therefore a tendencious effect.
Price: 360 $
Magic shining
Charming light dress with impanderable tule skirt of a magical light-lilac colour creates a truely irresistable picture.
Price: 380 $
Pretty flower
Classic long wedding dress of a white off colour is the highest point of elegancy and grace.
Price: 360 $
Apple blossom
Stunning dress of a cotton ivory lace acomplished with airy skirt won't leave anyone indifferent.
Price: 350 $
Beige dream
Beige colour gives a special softness to the whole character.
Price: 490 $
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